What is Envoy?

Envoy is the digital visitor registration system that’s changing how visitors are greeted in workplaces around the world. Instead of signing in using a paper sign-in sheet, visitors simply sign in on an iPad. 

How does Envoy improve sign-in?

Envoy streamlines the sign-in process to give visitors a better experience. No more writing down information, signing paper documents and waiting for the receptionist to track down their host. 

Digitizing visitor information also makes record keeping a breeze. It’s easy to check the Envoy dashboard to see who’s in the building, export visitor data for compliance reporting, and digitally store and retrieve signed NDAs—not to mention the time saved with Envoy’s host notification and pre-registration features. 

What is it like to sign in using Envoy?

It’s easy for visitors to sign in with Envoy. They’ll walk up to your front desk and see your logo or branding right on the iPad welcome screen. Then, they’ll just tap to sign in. 

They’ll then be presented with the sign-in fields. These are fully customizable by the Envoy admin, and can be set to required or optional. During this stage, the visitor can specify who they’re meeting with by filling in the host field. When they do so, Envoy will send an automatic host notification to the employee, letting them know their visitor has arrived. 

Next, depending on the customizations preferred by the company, the visitor might also sign an NDA directly on the iPad, have their visitor photo taken with the iPad’s front-facing camera, see a custom message or watch a video. 

Envoy can also be connected to the compatible Brother QL-720NW printer to automatically print a badge every time a visitor arrives.