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Please Note: Envoy will be deprecating the watch list feature in the near future. Please check out our block list feature, which offers similar functionality.

The watch list feature allows you to send alerts when specific visitors sign in or are invited. You’ll enter custom keywords to create a watch list, and if a visitor’s information matches, specified contact(s) will be notified. The watch list does not block a visitor from entering; this feature simply alerts the watch list contacts of a match to watch list keywords.

You can also use the watch list to alert your team of VIP visitors!

How watch list works

All visitors will sign in with the normal sign-in flow and a visitor entry will be created. The badge will print and host notification will send. Your watch list contact(s) will be notified that a visitor matched the block list. 

Setting up watch list

Step 1: Enable watch list

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Security.
  2. Find Watch list notifications and click “Enable.”

Step 2: Add watch list keywords

Watch list notifications will be triggered based on the information you provide to Envoy. You can provide names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Just put each on their own line.

Note: At this time there is not an option to add company names to the watch list.

  • Lines with an @ will be treated as email addresses or email domains. You can add specific email addresses or just the domain:
    • Adding [email protected] will send an alert every time a visitor signs in with that specific email address; adding will send an alert every time anyone with that domain signs in.
  • Lines with all numbers will be treated as a phone number.
    • Adding 415-555-5555 will send an alert every time a visitor signs in with that specific phone number; adding just 415 will send an alert for anyone with those numbers in their phone number.
  • All other entries will be treated as visitor name.
    • Adding Grey Ryer, will send an alert every time a visitor signs in with that full name.

Step 3: Assign a watch list contact

  1. Locate Watch list notification.
  2. Assign a watch list contact by typing an email address and/or phone number (for SMS) to receive your watch list notifications.