Visitors and your team

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Envoy Visitors impacts more than just account administrators, it will improve the visitor sign-in process for your whole team. We have some tips for how to make getting started as smooth as possible.

If you plan to use either of the following features, please make sure your team understands any impact to their workflow.

  • Host notifications: Your team is probably used to a receptionist or office manager calling or messaging them when their visitors arrive. With Visitors, they’ll be notified automatically via their preferred notification method.
  • Pre-registration: With Visitors, it’s easy to invite visitors in advance. If you intend to take advantage of this feature, your team can create invites for any expected visitor.

Employee permissions

Any employee in your directory can create their own login for web and/or sign up for the Envoy Passport mobile app.

Employees have permissions to do the following:

  • View their visitors and sign them out
  • Create and edit invites
  • View the directory
  • Change their personal notification preferences

Employees will not have access to:

  • Other employees’ visitors or invites
  • Account or location settings


  • Employees assigned as an assistant can see both their own visitors/invites plus the visitors/invites for their executive. Learn more about assistants.
  • Envoy administrators can switch between displaying either their own visitors/invites or all visitors/invites.

How employees log in

Login via web

  1. Go to and click “Log in” or visit
  2. Enter your work email address.
  3. Check your inbox for the confirmation email, and click “Confirm your email.”
  4. Create a password when prompted.

Login on our mobile app

  1. Download Envoy Passport for iPhone or Android.
  2. Enter your work email when prompted.
  3. Check your inbox (on your phone), and click “Confirm your email.”
  4. If prompted, choose the location(s) where you work.
  5. Choose your preferred notification methods.
  6. Add a photo or skip for later.

Introductory email template

We’re happy to share an email template you can use to introduce your team to Envoy Visitors. Before you send this template to your team, be sure to do the following:

  • Customize the [bold] text
  • Make other tweaks as needed
  • Be sure to add your contact information for questions
  • Encourage employees to check out the new visitor sign-in setup

Hi team,

You’ll notice a new addition to our [front desk]! We’re using a visitor sign-in system called Envoy Visitors to replace [our paper sign-in book].

A couple things you need to know:

  • With Envoy, all visitors will sign in on the iPad at our [front desk].
  • When a visitor is here to see you, you’ll now get a [email, SMS/text message, Slack] directly from Envoy instead of [getting a call from our receptionist].
  • When you receive the notification, please come greet your visitor.

You can view and invite visitors from your own Envoy account.

  • Go to, and enter your work email address.
  • Check your work email inbox, and follow the sign up steps.
  • Log into Envoy to view your visitors. Or invite visitors using Envoy’s pre-registration feature.

Envoy also has a mobile app for iPhone and Android. Download for “Envoy Passport” to check out visitors and invites on your phone.

Please contact me with any questions, and feel free to swing by the [front desk] to check out our Envoy setup.


[Administrator name]

[Administrator email address]

[Administrator phone number]