The 'Been here before?' feature

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The ‘Been here before?’ feature helps recurring visitors sign in faster at your location.

How ‘Been here before?’ works

As an Envoy administrator, you can enable ‘Been here before?’ for your location.

They’ll be prompted to enter their email address and/or phone number. If Envoy “recognizes” their email address and/or phone number from their previous visit, the rest of their information will fill in automatically.

Plus, Envoy checks to see if their NDA and/or photo is on file to save the recurring visitor even more time.

Important notes

  • Since Envoy recognizes visitors based on email address and/or phone number, you must use either or both of these fields.
  • If visitors provide different email addresses on different visits, Envoy will not “recognize” them.
  • If a visitor signs in via ‘Been here before?’ and Envoy does not “recognize” them, they’ll simply be prompted to fill in the rest of their sign in fields.

Enabling ‘Been here before?’

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Welcome screen > Been here before?
  2. Locate ‘Been here before?’
    • To enable, toggle to the “on” position.
    • To disable, toggle to the “off” position.