Setting up the directory

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This article outlines how to set up and populate your directory. To learn more about how the directory works, please read our About the directory article.

Directory setup options

Before getting started with your directory, you’ll want to select the directory setup and maintenance method that’s right for your company.

Option 1: Directory integration

Available on Envoy Premium & Enterprise Plans

For step by step instructions for a particular integration, please click the links below.

You can also update your directory automatically if you use LDAP. Learn more.

Option 2: CSV upload

With this directory management method, it’s important to note that every new CSV upload overwrites your current directory. Because of this, you’ll want to create and maintain a master CSV, edit it, and re-upload it every time you need to add or remove an employee record.

CSV formatting

When using a CSV for the Envoy directory, it must be populated correctly. You’ll need to list the employee’s name first, then email address, then cell phone number (optional), then their assistant’s email address (optional).

In a text editor, employee records look like this:

In spreadsheet software, employee records look like this:

If you’re using Excel, you may experience issues with international characters. We recommend using Google Sheets if possible. If not, please check out this helpful resource about encoding Excel files.

CSV upload

  1. Create all employee records using the formatting above.
  2. Export the file as a CSV.
  3. Go to Employee directory > All employees.
  4. Click on “Import employees.”
  5. Once on the import page, click “Select CSV file” and choose your file.
  6. Review your employee list in preview.
  7. Click the “Import employees” button.

Option 3: Manual management

Adding employees manually

  1. Go to Employee directory > All employees.
  2. Click “Add employee manually.”
  3. Fill in the name, email, cell phone number (optional) and assign an assistant (optional).
  4. Click “Save.”

Deleting employees manually

  1. Go to Employee directory > All employees.
  2. Locate the employee you’d like to delete, and click on their name.
  3. Click “Delete.”

Envoy does not currently have a feature to delete all employee. If you need help clearing your directory, please contact us.

Assigning assistants

  1. Go to Employee directory > All employees.
  2. Search for and select the employee to whom you’d like to assign assistants.
  3. Click on “No assistant.”
  4. Start typing the assistant’s name, and select it when it appears.

You can assign multiple assistants! Just type the second assistant’s name.

Exporting employee records

Employee records export as a CSV file. This file will contain every record that has ever been in your location’s directory.

  • Each record will show their name, email address, phone number, and assistants (if applicable).
  • For deleted employee records, it also shows the “deleted at” time and date.
  1. Go to Employee directory > All employees.
  2. Click on “Export.”