Setting up the delivery pick-up kiosk

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Learn how to pair an iPad to your delivery area.

Naming your iPad

We highly recommend giving each iPad a distinct name. You can do this before or after the iPad is paired to your location. Here’s why: Once your iPad is paired, it will appear on your Visitors > Devices page. It’ll be easier to troubleshoot any issues later if the iPad has a distinct name.

Pairing an iPad

  1. On your iPad, open the App Store. Search for and download the Envoy Deliveries Kiosk app.
  2. Open the Envoy Deliveries Kiosk app and find the six digit device pairing code.
  3. On your computer, go to Deliveries > Settings > Delivery areas.
  4. Select Devices from the top navigation.
  5. Type your device pairing code into the field.
  6. Click “Add this iPad.”
  7. Your iPad will pair. This may take a few moments.