Setting up NDA storage

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This article outlines how to set up and configure the different ways you can store signed NDAs.

If you have multiple visitor types, you’ll configure these settings per visitor type.

File sharing integrations

When you connect Visitors with a file sharing integration, your signed NDAs get filed automatically. Learn more about our NDA integrations:

Email signed NDAs

You can also opt to send all signed NDAs directly to a specified email address. It’s best to choose a general address like [email protected] rather than an employee’s email address.

How to enable ‘email signed NDAs’

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Sign-in flow.
  2. Select the visitor type you wish to edit.
  3. Select NDA from the top navigation.
  4. Under Email signed NDAs click “Enable.”
  5. Enter the email address you prefer to receive NDA PDFs.
  6. Click “Save.”