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What is pre-registration?

Envoy’s pre-registration feature is the easiest way to prepare your team and visitors for a great sign-in experience. With pre-registration, any employee can create and manage invites. When a visitor is invited using Envoy’s pre-registration feature, you’ll get three benefits in one:

Ease arrival anxiety

Every time you invite a visitor, you’ll have the option to send an invite email that contains meeting details, a map and any custom information you’d like them to know for arrival at your office. 

Invited visitors can click the “pre-register” button in the invite email to submit their sign-in details. On Premium & Enterprise plans, visitors can also sign your NDA before they arrive. Learn more about what it’s like to pre-register as a visitor.

Speed up sign-in

When an pre-registered visitor signs in, any details provided in advance will automatically populate on the iPad. If your visitor signs the NDA in advance, they’ll simply skip the NDA step on the iPad.

Manage invites from the dashboard

Employees can create, view and edit invites from the dashboard or from mobile, and then Envoy admins (Global Admins, Location Admins and Front Desk Admins) can view all invites for their locations. This way, the admin team is aware of who’s arriving and when. 

Since admins can see private notes and the visitor’s NDA status right in the dashboard, it’s easy to know if the visitor is authorized. VIP status? NDA on signed in advance or already on file? The fastest option is to just sign in the invited visitor directly from the dashboard so they can skip the iPad. Learn more

Configure pre-registration settings

By default, the pre-registration invite email will include the meeting details (invitee name, host name, meeting time), your address and map and the option to add to a calendar.

As a Global or Location Admin, you have the ability to customize the invite email template. We recommend adding information like directions, reminders about things they need to bring (like a government issued ID) and even your Wi-Fi details. Learn more about how to edit your invite email.

Who can invite visitors?

Any employee in your directory can create invites. Learn more about the different ways to invite visitors.