Passport stamps

What are Passport stamps?

Just like a real passport, Envoy Passport helps you keep track of your adventures. Every time you sign in at an office that uses Envoy, a new stamp is automatically added to your Passport.

What can do you do with Passport stamps?

You can view all the stamps you’ve collected at a glance on the Passport stamps tab.

If you’re interested in getting more detail about a specific visit, just tap on the stamp and you’ll see all the important information from your visit. The stamp details includes your sign-in and out times, host name, and if you signed their NDA. If the office requires a photo, you’ll even get a little peek at the photo you took. 

Can I share Passport stamps?

Especially excited to attend a big meeting, get lunch with a friend, or an awesome interview? Let your friends know by sharing your Passport stamp on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

How do I share stamps?

When viewing the stamp detail, you’ll see the “share stamp” at the bottom of your phone. Just tap there, and select the social platform of your choice.

What does it look like to share a stamp?

Check out an example of a stamp shared on Twitter, here! And give it a test run to try for yourself.