Managing billing

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This article outlines how to access and update your billing and subscription details. To learn more about Envoy’s plans and how they’re billed, please read our About billing article.

Managing access to billing

Global and Billing Admins have access to account billing details. If you have these permissions, you can access billing information on the billing page.

If you’re not a Global or Billing Admin, please reference Employee directory > Admin roles to see who you can contact for more information.

View receipts

  1. Go to your billing page.
  2. Look under Payments to see a history of all charges.
  3. To download a receipt for any charge, click “PDF.”

Update credit card on file

  1. Go to your billing page.
  2. Locate Payment method.
  3. Click “Edit,” and enter new card information.

Cancel your subscription

You can contact us to cancel at any time, but please note that Envoy is not obligated to refund or prorate unused time on subscriptions.