How should I structure my Envoy account?

No matter if you plan to use Envoy Visitors at a single office or multiple, you only need one Envoy account. If you’re planning to use Envoy in multiple offices, you can add additional locations to your account.

You’ll have one payment method for your account, no matter how many locations you have. You will need to purchase a subscription for each location.

Each location has it’s own visitor log and settings, and it’s easy to switch between locations if you have global permissions. You’d want to create a new location anytime you want to keep visitor data separate.

For most customers, a location is defined as one physical office, but you can also set up Envoy locations in creative ways. For example, you could have locations for each door of one building; or you could have locations for each building within a central campus.

A note about plans

  • Premium and Enterprise Plans support multi-location management for unlimited locations per account.
  • The Standard Plan supports multi-location management, for up to five locations per account.
  • Basic Plan allows for one location per account.

What hardware can be used at one location?

On Basic, Standard and Premium plans, you can pair unlimited iPads per location. Having multiple iPads at one location can improve the sign-in experience, because multiple visitors can sign in at once versus queuing up and waiting to sign in. No matter which iPad a visitor uses to sign in, their details will appear on that location’s dashboard.

If you’re using badge printing on a Standard or Premium plan, you can use one badge printer per location. Even if you’re using multiple iPads, all visitor badges will print from the same printer.

If you need to use multiple printers at your location, please contact us.