How do I manage my iPads?

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What is device management?

To sign in visitors at your location, you’ll need to have one or more iPads. Envoy device management allows you to manage these iPads from the web dashboard.

You’ll connect an iPad to a location by typing in the device code that appears on the iPad screen on the web dashboard when prompted. Once iPads are added, you’ll see at a glance which iPads are connected to each location. Plus, you can even check to see if any iPads are offline or if they require iOS or Envoy app updates.  

How to add iPads

  1. On your iPad, open the Apple App Store, and download the Envoy Visitor Registration app.
  2. Open the app on the iPad, and you’ll see a new six-digit device code (numbers and letters). 
  3. Go to Devices > iPads on your web dashboard.
    • If you’re adding your first iPad, type your device code in the empty field. 
    • If you’re adding additional iPads, you’ll need to click “New iPad” first. 
  4. Type in your device code, and click “Add this iPad.”
  • Note: Visitors that sign in on any iPad associated with your account will appear on Dashboard > Visitors.

Check iPad status

Think an iPad may be offline or require an update? Use device management to check.

  • If the light is blinking red, the iPad is offline.
  • If the light is yellow, your iPad requires an update. Check the details to see if you need an iOS or Envoy app update.
  • If the light is green, your iPad is online and up to date!

Remove iPads or switch locations

If you need to remove an iPad from a location and/or assign it to another location, learn how in this guide.