About the sign-in flow

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When a visitor signs in using Visitors, they’ll go through your customized sign-in flow. The sign-in flow is more than just collecting a visitor’s name and sign-in time. It can include multiple different steps that allow you to collect the detailed visitor information you need.

How the sign-in flow works

The sign-in flow begins when your visitor taps the “Tap to sign in” button on your iPad’s welcome screen. After that, they’ll be guided through the series of steps that allow them to sign in. Depending on your Visitors plan, you can add different “steps” or features into your sign-in flow.

On a Basic and Standard plans, you can setup and customize a single sign-in flow. This means that all of your visitors will go through the same steps during the sign-in process.

However, on Premium and Enterprise plans, you can set up multiple visitor types. Each visitor type can have a separate sign-in flow. This way, you can customize the information you collect based on a guest’s purpose of visit. Learn more about visitor types.

Benefits of the sign-in flow

  • The sign-in flow automatically guides visitors to the next step, so it’s easy to use.
  • It’s an all-in-one solution, so it can replace your logbook, camera, scanner and more.

Steps of the sign-in flow

Below, read more about the different steps that can be added to the sign-in flow.

“Tap to sign in”

The “Tap to sign in” button appears on your iPad’s welcome screen. Visitors tap this button to start the sign-in flow.

Visitor type screen

Available on Envoy Premium & Enterprise Plans

If your location has multiple visitor types, the visitor will see the visitor types screen after tapping the “Tap to sign in” button. This screen lists the different visitor types, and they’ll tap the one appropriate for their visit. Depending on the visitor type they select, they’ll proceed with that specific sign-in flow.

Remember, if you’re on a Basic or Standard plan, your visitors will not see this step. All visitors will sign in using the same sign-in flow.

fields

During this step, your visitors will fill out the sign-in fields you’ve set up. You’re required to collect visitors’ names, but the other fields are fully customizable. Common fields include email address and/or phone number, host and company name. Learn more about sign-in fields.


Available on Envoy Standard, Premium & Enterprise Plans

This optional step allows you to collect a visitor’s signature on one legal document, like a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), waiver or safety agreement. If you choose to enable NDA signing, you can fully customize the settings to meet your needs. Learn more about NDA signing.

Visitor photo

Available on Envoy Premium & Enterprise Plans

This optional step allows you to capture a photo of your visitors using the iPad’s front-facing camera. Having visitor photos can help you identify your guest when you greet them in the lobby, and it can also provide an additional layer of security in the event of an emergency or evacuation. Learn more about visitor photos.

Final screen

This optional step allows you to show additional information to your visitor at the end of the sign-in flow. You can show text, an image or a video. Learn more about the final screen.

Badge printing

Available on Envoy Standard, Premium & Enterprise Plans

Although the iPad portion of the sign-in flow ends with the final screen, badge printing is also considered part of the sign-in flow. If badge printing is enabled, the visitor’s badge will automatically print once they reach the final screen on the iPad. Learn more about badges.