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Pre-registration is a robust feature that improves the sign-in process for expected visitors. With pre-registration, you can send custom invites, alert your team of expected guests, and speed up sign-in—all in one step. This article outlines the ways your team can utilize and benefit from pre-registration.

How pre-registration works

When you know someone is coming to your office, you can create an invite within Envoy. Creating a new invite consists of filling out a digital form. You’ll provide the visitors name, their expected arrival time and host. Optionally, you can fill in any of your custom sign-in fields (like their company name).

When an invite is created, it will appear on the invites dashboard, where it’s visible to any Envoy administrator.

When an invited visitor signs in on the iPad, they’ll tap the “Tap to sign in” button. Once they type their name, Envoy will “recognize” them as an invited visitor, and the information you provided on the invite will appear automatically. If you left any fields blank when you created the invite, they can fill those fields in directly on the iPad.

Envoy invites are valid only for the expected arrival date. If the invited visitor signs in on a day that’s not their expected arrival date, their sign-in details will not appear automatically.

The pre-registration email

Every time you create an invite, you have the option to send a pre-registration email. The pre-registration email template contains the visitor and host names, meeting time, location address and a map.

Envoy administrators have the option to customize the template by adding information that’s relevant to your location. For example, you could add directions, parking instructions, reminder to bring ID, or any other relevant information.

Further, sending the pre-registration email gives visitors the opportunity to provide their sign-in details in advance. When they click the click the “Pre-register” button in the email, a new web browser window will open where they can fill in your sign-in fields. If you’re on a Premium or Enterprise plan, your visitors can also sign your NDA in advance during pre-registration.

Check out what it’s like to pre-register as a visitor!

Benefits of pre-registration

  • Speeds up sign-in: Visitor details appear when they type their name on the iPad.
  • Great for group sign-in: You can select and sign in multiple invited visitors from the dashboard.
  • Invites appear on the dashboard, so Envoy administrators and your security team will always know who’s expected and authorized to enter.
  • Invite emails ease arrival anxiety because they provide visitors with arrival details in advance of their visit.

Pre-registration required

Available on Premium and Enterprise plans

When you require pre-registration, you’re adding an extra layer of security to your sign in process. Guests that have been pre-registered in the dashboard will sign in with the normal flow.

When a visitor doesn’t match an existing pre-registration, a Global, Location or Front Desk admin may approve or deny access for that visitor.

If access is approved, the badge will print and the visitor’s host will be notified.

If access is denied, the badge will not print and the host will not be notified.

Creating invites

Any employee in your directory can create and edit invites for their own visitors or on behalf of another employee. Employees can only access the their invites and those they create for others.

Ways to create invites

For your convenience, there are a few different ways you can create invites.

From the Envoy dashboard: Create invites for one visitor at a time, or upload visitor a CSV of visitor information to create multiple invites at once.

From the Envoy Passport mobile app: Create invites for one visitor at a time.

Create invites from your calendar: If you use Google Calendar, Outlook, or another digital calendar, you can automatically create Envoy invites from any calendar event.