About Envoy Visitors

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Envoy Visitors is a digital visitor management system that’s changing how visitors sign-in at workplaces around the world. With it, your visitors sign in on an iPad instead of in a paper logbook.

How Visitors works

A key part of any visitor management system is the ability to capture visitors’ information and their sign-in and sign-out times. When a visitor signs in, Envoy creates a visitor entry.

Think of this entry as the record of their visit: It contains all of the visitor’s information, including sign-in and out times, their photo, signed NDA and more. Entries appear on the dashboard in real time when the visitor signs in. Learn more about the different ways a visitor can sign in.

You can also create invites for visitors with the pre-registration feature. Pre-registration lets you send invite emails, alert your team of expected guests and speed up sign-in—all in one simple step. Learn more about pre-registration.

Visitors’s key features

Visitors isn’t just for collecting visitor’s names and email addresses—it helps streamline the whole front desk experience with robust features to make your team more efficient.

Host notifications

Envoy will alert your team members when their guests arrive. With host notifications, you’ll never waste time tracking down a visitor’s host again.

On the iPad, visitors simply select who they’re here to see. Then, Envoy automatically alerts their host via their preferred notification method, like email, SMS (text message), or a chat platform like Slack, HipChat and more. Learn more about host notifications.

Document signing

Envoy makes it simple for visitors to review and sign your NDA or waiver. You fully customize the NDA template, and your visitors will sign digitally either on the iPad or before they arrive. Learn more about NDA signing.


Envoy automatically prints visitor badges. Badges make it easy to see, at a glance, who’s welcome in your office, and more importantly, who’s not. Learn more about badges.

Visitor photos

Envoy can capture a photo of your visitors during sign-in using the iPad’s front-facing camera. Quick access to visitor photos can prove invaluable in the case of a security incident or emergency. Learn more about visitor photos.

How to get started

  1. To get started with Envoy Visitors, sign up for your 14-day free trial.
  2. Complete the guided account setup steps.
  3. Download the Envoy Visitors iPad app from the App Store.
    • If you don’t have an iPad, you can buy one in the Envoy store.
  4. Pair your iPad to your account.
  5. Sign yourself in as a test visitor.